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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Oh Snap...I Got Caught!

I was tired of being the single one. I wanted people to know that I too could get a man! A FINE MAN at that! The guys I wanted didn’t seem to want me. I was always the homegirl and never the girlfriend! I was over it! I was determined to show people that I TOO CAN GET A MAN! Even if I have to recreate one!

So the “Mavula Girls” were somewhat popular in high school! Betty a Junior at this time was wanted by all the guys! She was beautiful, skinny, on the dance team, and she literally had options to pick from. NoĆ«lla a Sophomore at the time was the athlete with the bomb body! She ran track so you knowww them legs was THICK BABY, dudes wanted her too! Especially the super fine athletes. I on the other hand was the plus size Freshman who got along with everyone and all the guys knew me as the “Dope Ass Homegirl”! Funny, confident, a listening ear and relationship counselor. TRUST ME, my boldness didn’t start today! Even back then I was bold enough to shoot my shot but, the response was always “I just see you as a friend!” I was over it so it was time to do something about it.

Now during this time everyone was transitioning from MySpace to Facebook. We were all building our profiles, updating our relationship statuses and, accepting friend requests from family members, friends, teachers, etc. I started creating my profile and when it was time to update my relationship status, I proudly typed up “Carina Catherine is in a relationship with.......Allen Jaminson!”

Allen Jaminson was a tall, light skinned, tatted man that I had found on MySpace. When I found him he had multiple pictures of himself and.....his partner on his page. That’s right, he was gay. Now I don’t  remember what his real name was but, I do remember typing his name in the search box on Facebook just to make sure he didn’t already have a profile. When I saw that he didn’t, I grabbed some of his MySpace photos and created a profile for him. I changed his name to Allen, added his age, occupation, school, sent a few friend requests to random people just so his page looked legit AND....made sure his relationship status said “Allen Jaminson is in a relationship with Carina Catherine”!

The next day at school all my friends wanted to know about Allen! “Where did you guys meet? How long have you guys been together? He’s so fine! You’re so lucky!” I felt like a superstar! I finally had the man that all the ladies wanted and some even sent him a friend request on Facebook ! Now I just had to backup my previous lie with my current one. It was a full time job keeping up with the relationship. Logging out of my Facebook account just to log into his so that he could respond back to my posts and vice versa! I was so strategic about everything I did or said with this fake relationship BUT, I think I was doing a great job because people actually believed me. Well I think some did. Others had a lot of questions and, I think my answers made them question everything! Especially this one guy named “ Greg”! He was convinced that Allen wasn’t real and was determined
to call me out on my bull! I always stayed 10 steps ahead of him UNTIL....the day I left my phone on the Varsity Boys Basketball Bus. Greg was the last one to exit the bus and saw that my unlocked phone was still sitting on the seat.

A few minutes later I realized that my phone was missing but, I was a few minutes too late because by that time Greg had already did his research and had all the proof he needed to embarrass me.

The next day I went to school and a few people laughed at me and called me desperate. A few never brought it up and, a few told me that I didn’t need to do all of that. That night my Facebook relationship status was updated to “Single” and Allen’s page was taken down.

      This is what I learned from this experience: 
. Be strong enough to be the single one. Even if you’re the only one. 
.Love yourself first because that’s the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. 
.You tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable.
.If you tell the truth, you won’t have to remember anything. 
.Your life isn’t yours if you consistently care what people think. 
.Being single is not a curse and, being in a relationship is not an accomplishment. 
.You will painfully hurt yourself by being desperate. 
.Dont be so thirsty for an opportunity that you’d drink from any cup. That’s how you get poisoned. 
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