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Tuesday, July 23, 2019


I was a 19 year old girl who loved LOVE, loved weddings and, stayed up all night watching reruns of “Say Yes To The Dress”! I had no idea what a “Wedding Planner” was until David Tutera popped up on the show one day! I didn’t know where to start, how it worked, or who would actually have the courage to hire a 19 year old girl full of passion but, no experience! But someone did! A newly engaged couple named Manuella and Eddie Ruhanaa did! They gave me their idea and wrote me a check for $800.00! I couldn’t believe it! At that moment I knew this was something that I loved and wanted to take seriously so, I did! 

I did some research and wanted to be taken seriously! On October 12th , 2013 I took a two day Wedding Planning Course with Correlations LLC. At the end of the course there was a ten question test that I passed with flying colors (Thank God)! On October 14th, 2013 I became a Certified Wedding Planner! The excitement was unbelievable and mannn was I proud of myself! From then on the journey began!  Clients came from the left to the right for years! BUT the business was growing, my passion was decreasing!  

In 2014 I started Styled For Christ, StyledByC, and fast forward to 2018 T H E L I F E O F C C! These are the three things that keep me up at night! These are the things that I would do without getting paid! These are the things I want to pursue! 

I’ve seen the best and the worse of weddings! I’ve seen brides breakdown, arrogant grooms, jealous and envious bridesmaids, vendors who end up being scammers, both sides of the family’s hate each other, I’ve seen myself wait until last minute to complete tasks and get overly stressed, I’ve put my own money into clients weddings, I’ve had amazing weddings and, I’ve had HORRIBLE weddings, I’ve messed up, apologized, messed up again and, apologize again! As the wedding planner I’ve taken the blame for the things my clients didn’t do and, for the things they did behind my back. As the wedding planner I’ve worried rather my clients would make it down the aisle! How would they get out of debt after the aisle. I think I’ve SEEN IT ALL! 

On May 15th, 2019 I decided that July 20th, 2019 would be my last wedding, the end of AMOUR CREATIONS and, that is why I had to close the business with a BANG! 

It’s a bittersweet moment but, I believe that everything has its season! Will I be gone forever? Only GOD knows! But for now,  I choose to focus on my real love and new passions! Styled For Christ, StyledByC, Thrifting and, T H E L I F E O F C C! 

Thank you  to all my clients who trusted us with your big day! I love you with everything in me! ❤️


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