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Monday, May 13, 2019


Honestly, I’m having a hard time believing that the person on the right is me! And..... I honestly don’t know why! I texted my best friend and said “I think the photo I posted on IG is false advertisement because when I look in the mirror, I don’t see someone that skinny!” She responded “IT IS YOU and, you feel that way  because you look at yourself in the mirror everyday! You were  so used to seeing yourself overweight that you’re having a hard time celebrating how good you’ve done and, how great you look!”
  And Honestly.......She’s Right!

If you did not know, this is my second time losing a drastic amount of weight, and my 1000000th time trying to keep it off! The thing about trying to loose weight is this! You work hard CONSISTENTLY for months and, you see little changes here and there. THEN, one day you wake up and the weight starts shedding off like CRAZY! You look smaller with every picture and, your clothes no longer fit! It’s a bittersweet feeling (more sweet than bitter for sure!)
Honestly at this point there is nothing I fear more than being in that uncomfortable phase that I was in  in January, February, and March! I couldn’t wear heels for long periods of time, I had some pieces of clothing that fit and some that didn’t, some people noticed it, some didn't. I was literally on an emotional roller-coaster and, I’m so glad that I’m starting to climb off! I am NOT giving up!

So if you’re reading this and are on the journey like myself, FIGHT FOR YOUR FAIRY TALE! One day the weight will just FALL OFF! It happens JUST LIKE THAT! Keep working out, drinking water, watching what you eat, and pushing yourself! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

    I T W I L L H A P P E N 


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