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Saturday, May 18, 2019


Did You Know That There Are Some Pieces That Should ALWAYS Be In Your Closet? These Pieces Not Only NEVER Go Out Of Style, You Can Wear Them All Year Long!

There are so many and I mean SO MANY things you can do with the pieces below. I call them your "Basic Pieces". Pieces that you can wear 100 times and, make them look like new purchases!'s the secret! YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR ACCESSORIES, HAIR, MAKEUP, AND SHOES!  

Example:  The White Button Up Top Below. Lets say on Monday you pair it with some black wide leg slacks, a black blazer, nude pointy heels, a red lip, a sleek all black ponytail and, some stud earrings. You look fabulous and, absolutely professional! comes Friday and, it's casual day at work. Take that same button up top, throw on a pair of "Ripped at the knee" dark jeans, a cheetah belt, a pair of green mules,  grab some red fringe earrings, a nude lip, keep that sleek ponytail and, no one will even know that it was the same top from Mondays look!

These "Basic Pieces" can go a longggggggggggg way I promise! 

If you don't have them, go get them NOW!

W H I T E  B U T T O N  U P  S H I R T (Fitted or Over-sized)
                                         B L A C K   D R E S S  (Fitted, Cocktail, or Bodycon)

                                  B L A C K    B L A Z E R                     D E N I M  S H I R T

N U D E   D R E S S (Fitted, Cocktail, or Bodycon)

                    B L A C K   L E A T H E R  J A C K E T                 D E N  I M   J A C K E T                                                                         
              W H I T E   D R E S S                                         B L A C K   S K I R T                                            

B L U E  J E A N S                  B L A C K   J E A N S            W H I T E    J E A N S


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