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Friday, April 19, 2019


On Monday it'll be April 22nd again. I may cry, I may not. I'm not one to cry much so I try to find others ways to cope. On Monday it'll be the 6 year anniversary of my fathers death. I'll have to relive how weird it was seeing him lay dead in his bed. How I was headed to take my first 15 minute break at work and, was stopped by my supervisor so she could inform me that my sisters were waiting for me in the lobby. I'll have to relive the pain I felt watching them put him 6 feet under.

When my father passed away, I was livid with GOD! I was about 5 months into my walk with Christ and, I was doing sooo good. I stopped entertaining the sins that I loved. I was praying, fasting, reading the word, serving in my local church and, working hard on becoming a better person. When I got the news that Pops passed I felt like everything I gave up and, everything I did for Christ was pointless. I was MAD! I was MAD AS HELL! I'm still mad! 

As Monday approaches I ask that you all would please PRAY for me. Around this time, I tend to cope the best way I know how and, that is through emotional eating. Pray that the pain in my eyes goes away. Pray that I cope the right way. Pray that I stop beating myself up for the things I didn't accomplish while he was alive. Pray that I forgive myself for giving him a hard time while he was still here. Pray that I learn to cope. Pray that I stop crying. Pray that depression doesn't win. Pray that I may find peace in my heart. Pray that I stay strong for my family.

Please Just Pray!


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