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Sunday, April 21, 2019

1 S K I R T 2 W A Y S

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a firm  believer in WORKING WITH WHAT YOU HAVE! 

That’s exactly what I did with this $8.00 Maxi Midi Skirt from Boohoo. It was long enough and Styled For Christ appropriate enough to wear as a dress and a skirt. 

When I bought this skirt, my intention was always to wear it as a skirt but, on Friday when I couldn’t find anything to wear I threw it on and, looked around my closet for a top to match it. As I kept searching, a FaceTime call came through and I quickly had to pull the skirt up so I wouldn’t be forced to answer the call in my bra. Before I knew it, I loved the way the skirt looked as a dress and in less then 4 minuets I was walking  out of the house! And here we are on Sunday with the same skirt on but, a totally different outfit! 

Moral of the story is, be creative, spontaneous, and WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. There’s so much you can do with ONE piece of clothing! 


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