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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Printed & Affordable

                      L E A T H E R, V E L V E T, F L O W E R S, & S P A R R O W S!

This past Sunday I put together an outfit with pieces I picked up from my local thrift stores & more. Now of course, the pieces were bought separately and it was never my intention to wear them together. Majority of the time when I go shopping, I almost never buy a piece without knowing what I will be wearing it with. The key is this, be VERY visual! THINK!  Based on your own individual and personal style when you shop, THINK! Think of what you will wear with that purchase, where you could possibly wear it to, and is the price within your budget. If you can't answer ONE of the three, leave it at the store!

When I bought this Kimono I knew I wanted to put a button up shirt inside of it. When I bought this button up shirt I knew I waned to mix prints. When I bought the velvet skirt I knew I did not want to wear it with a black top and, when I bought these boots I knew I wanted to wear them with a skirt. I was able to answer one of the three questions in my first paragraph when I was purchasing these pieces and, that is the main reason why I bought them (Oh and because they were all so fly).

Next time you go shopping, consider everything said in this post and I can guarantee you'll kill your outfit :)

Outfit Details:
Kimono- Target $4.99
Button Up Shirt- Goodwill $2.99
Velvet Skirt- Texas Thrift $3.00
Leather Boots- Shu Deal $14.99


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