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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

He Threatened Me

These shorts don't compare to my wardrobe prior to starting/becoming Styled For Christ. They say low self esteem causes you to make stupid decisions. They say it's different for everyone but mine, came with the desire to be seen and accepted. Dressing immodestly wasn't a goal of mine but, it was enough to draw the attention I craved so badly. It was enough to get compliments out of  the guys I wanted and, the guys that wanted me. Well at least I thought they wanted me. 

This is one of the photos from my senior year photo-shoot. During my senior year of high school, I found myself living a reckless life with a previous girlfriend. Almost every Thursday, Friday, and sometimes Saturday she and I would fill up the gas tank and, make our way to Da Cliff (Oakcliff TX). The streets were filled with brave men, crazy men, fine men, educated men, ex-convicts, gangstas, and more. We usually found ourselves in the same house in Highland Hills but, it's that same house that gave me the scare of my life. 

On this particular evening we walked into the house and, found the same group of men we usually found. I had on a pair of daisy dukes, a low cut tank, snow boots, and a plaid blazer. One of the regulars who usually sat on the driveway walked into the house and, demanded I go outside with him. I replied by saying "I'll come if she(my friend) comes with me!" My heart was beating, my legs were shaking, my eyes couldn't stop blinking and all I could think about, was my revealing outfit. He lit up a cigarette and said "Don't worry I aint go hurt you...yet!" He then went on to say "Because ima real n**ga, ima tell you how it is. Everytime you come into this neighborhood, you aint got no clothes on. You either showin yo a**, yo breast, or both. You think n**gas like me or any n**ga go respect you or, not think about rapin you! I dont know how old you are but, you look young even though you act grown. I know you uhh baby. Next time you come into this neighborhood dressed like you ready to be taken care of, ima give you what you askin for even if you don't ask for it. Now get out this neighborhood and, go put some d**n clothes on." I quickly made my way to the car and, balled my eyes out the entire drive home. 

(Long story short)

A few years went by and, I one day found myself back in Oakcliff. As I stepped out to pump gas, I could feel that someone was staring at me. I slowly turned my head to find that same gentleman who threatened me, looking straight at me but this time, with a smile on his face. I recognized him by the scare underneath his eye. I looked down to make sure I was fully dressed and, thankfully I was. Fear arose and I honestly, did not know what was about to happen. He slowly approached me and said "I'm glad you listened. You look beautiful." Before he was able to walk away I quickly asked "Were you really going to rape me" he replied "No, but someone else would have sooner or later." I replied "Why just because I was showing some skin?" he said "No, because of the message your outfit was sending off!" 

And that right there, changed everything!
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