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Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Truth About My 2018

See I've always had a tendency of blaming others or, coming up with excuses for my knee-jerk decisions.  On December 31st, 2017 I sat in church and came up with a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2018. In January I started off strong and, by March I was giving up. By May I was back on my game and, by July I was tired. In August I gave it one more try and, by September I had no more patience. In March of this year I lost someone very dear to my heart. When I was younger, my little sister Ange and I would go spend days, weeks, months at my Meme's house. Growing up with low self esteem caused me to cling onto the people who showed me unconditional love and, told me I was beautiful. That's exactly what my Meme did as a kid and, as I grew up. Her death affected me and caused me to take a closer look at my life. If you read the captions under my 25th birthday photo shoot, I explained how I  ruined relationships, failed in my business, failed myself, ran from God, but  needed to make amends.

In 2018 I gained back 70% of all the weight I lost back in 2014. I deal with tough times differently. I'm an emotional eater! When I start, I don't know how to stop! It brings me comfort at the time but, pain afterwards. My mom says I've been an emotional eater all my life but, she also says  that she needs me to live a long life so I need to find another way to cope.

In 2018 I mourned over the loss of my father, my Meme, and my cousin Parfait, but in 2018 I rededicated my life to Christ. In 2018 I learned that people will broadcast your failures but, whisper your success. I learned that life and death REALLY DOES lie in the power of the tongue. I learned that there is power in silence, honesty, and the answer "NO"! In 2018 I read a quote that says "Life is too short, eat what you want! BUT, if you always eat what you want, your life maybe short!" In 2018 I believed in myself again. I remembered that I had a mission, a purpose, and souls relying on my obedience. In 2018 I took responsibility for my actions and, decided to change my reputation. I decided to change myself!

2018 taught me a lot but, I'm glad to say "Lesson Learned"!

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