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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Fully Thrifted in Manhattan!

The city of fashion! I make it a mission to travel to New York at least once a year. In 2015 I attended New York Fashion Week, last year I traveled for my birthday, and this year I traveled for a clients engagement photos. The trip was pretty short so I was working the first 72 hours  upon my arrival but, I made it a mission to capture at least one photo for you guys.  This hunter green and black outfit was literally put together in 5 minutes. I was so busy making sure my clients were good to go that the bride literally stopped me and said "You have not posted one picture of yourself since we've gotten here! Get dressed and I'll be your photographer!" I quickly unpacked my luggage, literally said "Best Friend (The Holy Spirit) give me some inspiration, and I got dressed! 

Cool thing about this outfit was it was super affordable!!! If you watched my most recent  Thrift Haul on Instagram you know how hyped I was about this trench coat! Chileeee when I saw it, I knew The Lord was on my side lol! I was even more excited when I saw the price of it ! My trench coat was purchased from Texas Thrift, turtleneck was purchased at Goodwill, Joggers from Texas Thrift, Shoes from Shu Deal, Shades from Shu Deal as well! My entire outfit was less than $50.00!

After I took this photo, a lady at the stop sign where I was standing stopped and complimented me on my look. She asked for the cost of my coat and, was mind blown when I told her! She said "Please teach us how to be FINE on a budget! Some of us need it!" So I'm making it a mission share my outfits, where they were purchased, and how to put it together! I'm on a mission to help you guys save money and turn heads all at the same time! 

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