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Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Truth About My 2018

See I've always had a tendency of blaming others or, coming up with excuses for my knee-jerk decisions.  On December 31st, 2017 I sat in church and came up with a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2018. In January I started off strong and, by March I was giving up. By May I was back on my game and, by July I was tired. In August I gave it one more try and, by September I had no more patience. In March of this year I lost someone very dear to my heart. When I was younger, my little sister Ange and I would go spend days, weeks, months at my Meme's house. Growing up with low self esteem caused me to cling onto the people who showed me unconditional love and, told me I was beautiful. That's exactly what my Meme did as a kid and, as I grew up. Her death affected me and caused me to take a closer look at my life. If you read the captions under my 25th birthday photo shoot, I explained how I  ruined relationships, failed in my business, failed myself, ran from God, but  needed to make amends.

In 2018 I gained back 70% of all the weight I lost back in 2014. I deal with tough times differently. I'm an emotional eater! When I start, I don't know how to stop! It brings me comfort at the time but, pain afterwards. My mom says I've been an emotional eater all my life but, she also says  that she needs me to live a long life so I need to find another way to cope.

In 2018 I mourned over the loss of my father, my Meme, and my cousin Parfait, but in 2018 I rededicated my life to Christ. In 2018 I learned that people will broadcast your failures but, whisper your success. I learned that life and death REALLY DOES lie in the power of the tongue. I learned that there is power in silence, honesty, and the answer "NO"! In 2018 I read a quote that says "Life is too short, eat what you want! BUT, if you always eat what you want, your life maybe short!" In 2018 I believed in myself again. I remembered that I had a mission, a purpose, and souls relying on my obedience. In 2018 I took responsibility for my actions and, decided to change my reputation. I decided to change myself!

2018 taught me a lot but, I'm glad to say "Lesson Learned"!

Behind Every Successful Women

It was January of 2014. I was  putting together an outfit for church. I was about a year and a few months into my walk with Christ. I always loved fashion and style but, something happened to me when I came to Christ. I wanted to honor God so badly in every aspect of my life. As I was putting a few outfits together, I quickly noticed that a lot of my clothes were either too short or too revealing. I stopped and sighed for a minute. I then said "God is there not away for me to be stylish and, still honor you? I honestly do not want to look like a nun but, I want to honor your temple without exposing your temple." He responded by saying "Let's start Styled For Christ! Bring back modesty in the 21st century! I don't have a problem with you being stylish, just do in away that honors me. Teach them how to be Styled For Christ!" and that's how it all started!

I'll later explain the purpose and more but today, I wanted to honor the beautiful women who stand behind me and believe in this vision just as much as I do. I once heard a motivational speaker say, "Behind every successful women, is a team of other successful women helping her accomplish her mission." I believe in these women just as much as they believe in me. I'm not always a pleasure to work with. I can be direct and strict at times but, its only because I'm so very passionate about this movement. Despite the long nights of planning, conference calls, attitude changes and more, these ladies work hard! We are growing together, learning together, and impacting together. Together we will change the world! I love you ladies!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Fully Thrifted in Manhattan!

The city of fashion! I make it a mission to travel to New York at least once a year. In 2015 I attended New York Fashion Week, last year I traveled for my birthday, and this year I traveled for a clients engagement photos. The trip was pretty short so I was working the first 72 hours  upon my arrival but, I made it a mission to capture at least one photo for you guys.  This hunter green and black outfit was literally put together in 5 minutes. I was so busy making sure my clients were good to go that the bride literally stopped me and said "You have not posted one picture of yourself since we've gotten here! Get dressed and I'll be your photographer!" I quickly unpacked my luggage, literally said "Best Friend (The Holy Spirit) give me some inspiration, and I got dressed! 

Cool thing about this outfit was it was super affordable!!! If you watched my most recent  Thrift Haul on Instagram you know how hyped I was about this trench coat! Chileeee when I saw it, I knew The Lord was on my side lol! I was even more excited when I saw the price of it ! My trench coat was purchased from Texas Thrift, turtleneck was purchased at Goodwill, Joggers from Texas Thrift, Shoes from Shu Deal, Shades from Shu Deal as well! My entire outfit was less than $50.00!

After I took this photo, a lady at the stop sign where I was standing stopped and complimented me on my look. She asked for the cost of my coat and, was mind blown when I told her! She said "Please teach us how to be FINE on a budget! Some of us need it!" So I'm making it a mission share my outfits, where they were purchased, and how to put it together! I'm on a mission to help you guys save money and turn heads all at the same time! 
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